One of my membrs mentioned to me the other day that a relative saw pictures of her working hard in #bodiesbyphil on Facebook. When this family member saw her in person, she commented saying "you're fine just the way you are" I'm sorry, but that is a dick thing to say on a few levels.     

First, the assumption is being made that the hard work is being done because she's not happy with the way she is. There's no POSSIBLE way that she could be working out because she likes it, or wants to get strong, or wants to build muscle, etc. The reason she's exercising must be because she's unhappy with her body.

There's still this underlying assumption by most people that women only work out because they hate how they look - AND I HATE THAT SHIT. 

Next time you see a picture of someone working hard, don't make the assumption that they have a problem with themselves, instead high-five the shit outta them and tell them to keep it up!

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