I hear a lot of clients and #bodiesbyphil members say "I can't..." 

"I can't do that move."
"I can't lift it, it's too heavy."
"I can't keep going."
"I can't stop laughing at that awesome Dad joke, Phil. Please tell me more!"

Mindset is everything.  

Anyone who is in a negative mindset when it comes to fitness will have a really hard time becoming super awesome and healthy.  Telling yourself you can't do something will result in exactly that.  You won't do it.

Remember that: Saying "I can't" really means, "I won't". 

I want my members showing up feeling like beasts with the confidence level of a silverback gorilla about to bench press a f*cking truck!

Before coming into class: tell yourself how totally awesome and strong you are and THAT'S the kind of class you'll have.

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