The backbone of what #bodiesbyphil is all about - our classes are full of results driven and creative exercises.  With a variety of class styles, you're rarely doing the same thing twice and always learning new techniques and exercises.

We focus on:

  • Proper weightlifting techniques
  • Metabolic resistance training (what's that?)
  • High intensity interval training
  • Core integration

Below are just a few of the class styles you can expect regularly:


Definitely a #bodiesbyphil favourite. We really focus on form with these paired up exercises.  Switch back and forth between two compound lifts for 3-4 sets of sweaty fat shedding goodness.    

HIIT Circuits

Sometimes it's a full 10 station circuit, sometimes we split into two groups.  Either way, it's a fast paced, high energy, heart pounding party pump of a class.  Ever use battle ropes before? Google it.

Shameless SHRED

A combination of high intensity interval cardio and core stations as well as timed resistance training makes this class one of the most effective fat burners and toned-awesome-looking-muscle makers we offer. This class moves quickly so it's over before you know it!

Come for the jokes, stay for the sweat.
You’ll keep coming back.
— Adele

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